Key Technology

Industry-Grade Design

Cameras are designed in accordance with industrial standards with a variety of features such as explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, NEMA 4X certification, and IP68. It performs effectively in various harsh environments.

Advanced Intelligent Application

• Features smart-detection functions such as tripwire, intrusion, auto-tracking, missing or abandoned objects, and face detection.
• It can compliment your artificial shortage, reduce labor costs, and increase security efficiency through 24/7 video analytics.

Smart Thermal Imaging

Multi-Dimensional Deployment

• Efficient inspection of oilfields, pipelines, and refineries is a significant challenge facing the energy industry.
• Mobile devices such as mobile handheld terminals, and drone systems support all-weather, all-dimension, and three-dimensional deployment to efficiently inspect energy equipment sites.

Multi-Type Power Supply and Data Transmission

• Power supply and data transmission are often a severe challenge for some energy industry scenarios such as oilfields and pipelines. • The use of wind & solar power supply systems and 5.8G wireless microwave transmission systems solve data and power problems while saving construction costs and reducing construction difficulties.

Multi-Type Power Supply and Data Transmission

• There are various indoor office areas in the energy scenes such as pipeline stations, refineries, and oil depots.
• The Dahua Access Control System allows different staff members to have different permissions, ensuring the safety of indoor areas and providing attendance tracking functionality.

High-Definition Visualization

• All aspects of the surveillance system, including acquisition, transmission, storage, display, and control, are all displayed and recorded in high definition.
• High definition monitoring ensures full coverage of the entire oil & gas business process.

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