Key Technology

All-in-One Management Platform

The Dahua All-in-One Management Platform includes CCTV surveillance, video wall, alarm system, access control, video intercom, entrance control, and smart application functionality. With high performance, high efficiency, high stability and easy operation, it is a cost-effective one-stop station.

One-Card System for Residential

Video intercom and access control can be integrated into the Dahua All-in-One Management platform. Residential owners need only one card to gain access to the entrance, door, parking, office, or any other facility in the system.

Smart APP

Answer calls and open the door remotely whether you are at home, at work, or on the go with the Dahua app.


Through the E-map, users can view the location and status of devices. Devices can also be directly controlled and monitored.

Video Linkage

When an alarm event occurs, the video linkage function pushes a video message to the management center and displays it on the video wall. Security guards can then quickly locate the exact position of the event and confirm the situation.

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