Key Technology


H.265 = H.264 + ?
Dahua is the pioneer of H.265 implementation in surveillance industry. The adoption of H.265 can greatly reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage capacity while maintaining the same video image quality.
The full adoption of H.265 can best protect your investment and be an important enabler for Ultra High Definition (4K) surveillance in a reasonable cost.


Reconstruction of the human upper body modeling, using the most advanced machine learning algorithm and video structure, quickly identify a variety of face attributes, such as age, gender, facial expression and so on.

Video+ application scenario:

VIP Recognition
When the VIP customers arrive at the business hall, the account manager can be promptly notified and provide proper service, to improve VIP customers experience.

Data Safety

Data safety is paramount part in Bank, Dahua’s data safety technology gurantees the data safety if there are some unexpected incidents,such as device break down, network connection fails and so on.

Server Redundancy Design

• Master & Hot Stand-by servers.
• “Keep Alive” function automatically backs up users’ information if one server is interrupted.
• When the master server fails or disconnects, the hot stand-by server switches to active mode automatically to keep the whole system running properly.

Auto Network Recovery(ANR)

• Auto backup if network connection fails.
• Data moves from SD card to back-end device while network connection
is restored.
• We recommend using Dahua brand SD card.

N+M Hot Standby

• N master NVRs in running mode.
• M slave NVRs in standby mode.
• No data lost, when any active NVR is out of service, the hot standby NVR
can take over recording automatically.

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