Aggregation Switch



New-generation Environment-friendly & Energy-saving Ethernet Switches
> High Performance and Scalability
> Diversified Security Policies
> Enhanced Multiservice Capabilities
> Professional Lightning Protection Functions
> Environment Friendliness and Energy Saving
> Ease of Use in Network Management

Technical Specification



Switching capacity

256 Gbit/s

Packet forwarding rate


Management port

One console port

Fixed port

48 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port

4 x 1000Base-X Ethernet port

Port aggregation

Supports the following port aggregation features:


Manual port aggregation

A maximum of eight ports in each aggregation group

Layer-2 ring network protocol

Supports STP, RSTP, and MSTP.


Supports the following VLAN features:

●Port-based VLANs (4,000 VLANs)

●MAC address–based VLANs

●Protocol-based VLANs


●QinQ and flexible QinQ

●VLAN mapping

●Guest VLANs


Supports the following DHCP features:

●DHCP Server

●DHCP Client

●DHCP Relay

●DHCP Snooping

●DHCP Snooping Option82


Supports IPv4 static routing, RIP, and OSPF.


Supports the following IPv6 features:

●IPv4 and IPv6 dual-protocol stack

●IPv6 static routing


●Pingv6, Telnetv6, FTPv6, TFTPv6, and ICMPv6


Supports the following multicast features:

●IGMP Snooping and fast leave

●MLD Snooping

●Multicast VLANs


Supports hybrid stacking of a maximum of 32 devices.


Supports port mirroring and flow mirroring.


Supports the following ACL features:

●Packet filtering on L2 to L4

●Match of the previous 80 bytes in a packet

●ACL definition based on the source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, IP protocol type, TCP/UDP port, TCP/UDP port scope, and VLAN

●ACL issuance based on ports or VLANs

●ACLs based on time ranges

●Hardware-based IPv6 ACL and QoS


Supports the following QoS features:

●Diff-Serv QoS

●Eight output queues on each port

●802.1P/DSCP priority mapping

●Queue scheduling mechanisms

●Priority marking and remarking

●Flow-based packet filtering

●Flow-based redirection

●Flow-based rate limiting

●Voice VLANs


Supports the following security features:

Level-based user management and password protection

Guest VLANs

IEEE 802.1X authentication and centralized MAC address authentication

Rapid EAD deployment

AAA, RADIUS, and HWTACACS authentication

Restriction on the number of learned MAC addresses

MAC address black holes

SSH 2.0, providing secure encrypted channels for user login

SSL, ensuring the security of data transmission


Validity verification of SAVI source addresses

Port isolation

Rate limiting for ARP packets

Protection of source IP addresses

Detection of ARP intrusion

Defense against DoS attacks

Suppression of broadcast packets

Active/Standby data backup mechanism

IP address + port binding, IP address + MAC address binding, port + MAC address binding, IP address + MAC address + port binding, and IP address + MAC address + port + VLAN binding

CPU protection


Supports the following reliability features:

●Ethernet OAM


●Smart Link, for providing efficient and reliable link backup, load sharing and rapid convergence for double-uplink networking

●Monitor Link, for monitoring the uplink status and providing more efficient link backup and switching in conjunction with the Smart Link

●DLDP, for detecting unidirectional available links


System management

Supports the following system management features:

●Configuration through the Console, AUX Modem, Telnet, and SSH2.0 CLI

●File downloading and uploading over FTP, TFTP, Xmodem, and SFTP

●SNMP v1/v2c/v3


●Virtual Cable Test (VCT)


●NTP clock

●System operation logs

●Cluster management

●Intelligent management centers

Ambient humidity

Operation ambient humidity: 5%–95% (non-condensing)

Storage ambient humidity: 5%–95% (non-condensing)

Environment protection standard

China RoHS, and EEE

Weight (full configuration)

≤ 3.4 kg

Static power consumption

20 W

Power consumption (at full load)

≤ 32 W

Input voltage

AC: 100 V–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions (length x width x height) (unit: mm)

440 x 238 x 44

Accessory Selector

Please try this selector to locate your desired accessory.

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