Vietnamese Police Seizes Smuggled Dahua Goods and Restores Market Order

Times:2018-01-30 Browse:2495

HANGZHOU, China /January 30, 2018 In November of 2017, the Vietnamese police seized a number of smuggler dens that had illegally sold Dahua security equipment while they were conducting "smuggling and counterfeiting" remediation operations.

The smugglers allegedly conducted illegal smuggling and counterfeiting of popular brand products. After being informed of the incident, Dahua cooperated actively with the investigation of Vietnamese police, providing supports to technically identify the goods. Further investigation found other illegal acts in the smuggled dens – the smugglers wantonly tampered with Dahua equipment and used software that had potential safety issues, seriously damaging the rights and interests of Vietnamese consumers. Now the case has been closed and Vietnamese police have prosecuted the smuggling dens according to applicable law.

As a world leading security solution provider with strong social responsibilities, Dahua is dedicated to providing safer and smarter lifestyle to users all over the world and is trusted by customers and users around the world. Ultimate reliability was endowed to Dahua cameras through tough test standards from Dahua Reliability Laboratory. Before leaving the factory, every piece of Dahua equipment has to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, and then be promoted into the market through authorized channels with sales support and after-sales service.

In 2018, Dahua will continue to cooperate actively with government departments of related countries to protect consumer rights and interests.