How Dahua Technology is Working to Make the World a Better Place

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HANGZHOU, China /July 19, 2017 As a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, Dahua Technology understands that the success of a company must be measured by its contribution to social welfare and environmental protection, especially in today’s world. Business-wise and beyond, Dahua’s ultimate goal is to build a safer society for all while enabling citizens of the world to enjoy smarter living. The realization of this goal requires cutting-edge systems, long term cooperation with authorities, and a continuous dedication to improving education. It’s no accident that those qualities and choices correspond with Dahua’s three core values: Innovation, Quality and Service.

Advanced technology guarantees security, which is a crucial element for happiness and stability. Lowering the crime rate is only the most basic form of societal improvement. Nowadays, with the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT), the definition of security has been broadened and diversified. Security now encompasses facial recognition, traffic analysis, acceleration of social operations, and the reduction of waste material. Artificial Intelligence (AI), another cutting-edge technology that runs across multiple fields whose potential is far from being fully realized, is also contributing to a safer and smarter world.

Dahua Cameras are Commonly to be Found in the Scenic Spots, Hospitals, Streets…

Advanced technologies such as IoT and AI have successfully endowed video surveillance solutions with an abundance of new features and functions, making them more powerful than ever. Dahua is proud to present a great variety of video surveillance solutions such as the SIP Video Intercom Solution, Public Bus Solution, Retail Solution, and Smart City Solution, which will make city living safer and more convenient in many areas. Take the Smart City Solution as an example - Dahua has established a comprehensive system with strong environmental adaptability, comprising target recognition, behavior detection, mobile enforcement, emergency call terminal, and other innovative technologies that can effectively deal with safety threats using less police manpower while delivering faster response. It also enables police, transportation authorities, and other departments to react and coordinate more quickly and efficiently. This end-to-end solution has already been incorporated by cities around the world, the effectiveness of which has been proven under even the harshest environmental conditions.

To accomplish its mission of delivering a “Safer Society” as well as “Smarter Living” in addition to focusing on technological development, Dahua also places great emphasis on environmental protection. Dahua’s approach to minimizing its impact on the environment is to split its manufacturing process into 6 areas of focus: design, manufacturing, waste water, exhaust emissions, waste residue, and noise emissions. Dahua is certified in the ISO14001 Environmental Management system standard and level 3 safe production enterprise standards in Hangzhou. It has implemented environmental management controls into all of its product design protocols and uses numerous industry standard devices internally to monitor the entire manufacturing process.

Dahua Focuses on Design, Manufacturing and Waste Management

All Dahua products are designed to use as few known pollutant materials as possible. The impact of a product’s design is not an area Dahua addresses at the end of the process, but is an integral part of the whole design. During manufacturing, all raw materials are responsibly sourced and Dahua takes extensive measurements internally to ensure standards are maintained. To realize RoHS, the materials Dahua uses fully meet SJ/T11363 standards on electronic information products to limit the quantity of toxic and hazardous substances in them. For example, Dahua only uses lead-free solder and soldering paste, and also has its own RoHS testing system on site.

Recently, a new exhaust emission collection system has been installed in the factory which collects waste gas and has been independently tested to ensure that it meets national standards. Waste management has been improved by increasing efficiency in manufacturing and delivering a more proactive approach towards identifying gains. Dahua reviews the annual waste produced by each department in order to better understand where its focus needs to be and where we can improve. All manufacturing equipment used by Dahua has been specifically designed to be ‘high efficiency and low noise’, and as a result, the factory is well within national standards for noise pollution. Going forward, Dahua will continue to implement its approach to environmental protection, rather than simply trying to limit the damage.

A Scene of a Dahua Workshop

In addition to its role as guardian of society and protector of the environment, Dahua also plays an active role in various charitable projects in the community, including disaster relief and providing opportunities to underprivileged children. Dahua “Lighting the Future” program provides help to impoverished school children in Sichuan. Some of the students who attend the Xichang Buttonwood Primary School in Sichuan have to travel two hours to and from school each day. The “Lighting the Future” program has donated over 600 pairs of shoes and flashlights (many of their commutes begin well before daylight) to young children who attend the school. Dahua has also established a deep connection with the school, creating a scholarship for promising students. To date, this program has enabled dozens of students to continue to attend school all-year-round. It has also paid for better learning supplies for the school and its pupils.

Last year, to promote a spirit of dedication and giving within the company, Dahua launched a drive to encourage blood donation at the Zhejiang Province Blood Centre. In total, 91 Dahua employees applied to give blood and 55 were accepted. 106 donations were collected from Dahua employees, the rest coming from a city-level drive.

Through its strong company culture, Dahua has also been able to raise donations to help those affected by natural disasters. On learning of a serious flood disaster affecting a remote town in Henan, the hometown of one of Dahua employees, the company raised awareness and collected over 2000 kg of flour and rice and 2000 liters of cooking oil. Members of the Dahua Anyang office personally drove the supplies to the affected village. Due to the severe flooding, many roads were not accessible for the trucks. Thus, instead of trucks, the Dahua team utilized three-wheeled farm cars to transport the emergency supplies across rugged mountain roads. The dedication and perseverance of Dahua team meant that they were able to deliver critical supplies to over 200 stranded villagers helping them to survive through the disaster.

As an organization, Dahua remains committed to its core values, wider responsibilities, and mission in the world. Dahua is determined to continue making the world a better place and will always look for new ways of doing this through both technology and social causes. Dahua’s company culture is centered round a responsibility to its customers, end users, the environment and community. With a mission of “Safer Society, Smarter Living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service” to serve partners and customers around the world.